experimental online radio platform

Loskop uses the web-radio as its medium, aiming to host internet sound-art projects, radio-art works, explorative broadcasts and thematic music shows.
Loskop also features Generative Radio; a system that sorts through the large and growing archives of audio content found on the web, creating an algorithmic online radio stream. Using metadata, audio analysis and semantic queries, it seeks lost or found sounds, generating a never-ending, non-repeating radio stream of imaginary soundscapes.

Loskop is made by KeDiMouRa (Center for Research and Propagation of Musical Turmoil). KeDiMouRa was formed in Corfu, Greece as an answer to the common need of its members for a flexible group structure where they could explore collaborative and playful ways of musical interaction, performance and composition.

listen now at www.loskop.radio