Trigger Happy

Trigger Happy is a 4-piece band formed in Corfu, Greece, 2016. They are known for their high-energy performances using an elaborate blend of toys, cracked-media, conventional instruments, electronic and electroacoustic contraptions. They utilize walls of noise, microsounds, serene drones, found media and disintegrating loops as interchangeable sound-blocks in cut-up like improvisatory structures. Informed by polystylism, sound collage and cut-up, all the elements are juxtaposed in contrasting fast paced changes and abrupt cuts. Each performance is dictated by a unique event score, devised by the group.

Yorgos Stenos Frantzios: Amplified objects and toys, electronics
Yorgos Mizithras: 0-input mixer & cracked media
Yorgos Stavridis: Percussion, objects, microphones
Manthos Karras: Turntable, Samples

Blockwork EP

Performance at Embros Theater (2017)

Niki Krasaki - Buzzer (2021)